The Little Village of Bibury, Cotswold

This was one of the best weekends I have had so far in England, thanks to our visit to Cotswold. Cotswold is a predominantly rural area in south central England famous for its stone built villages and beautiful landscapes. Bibury is a village in cotswold situated on the banks of river Coln.It was one of the most beautiful villages I have ever seen in my life. Ok, I may not have seen a lot of villages to compare but I won’t be wrong in saying that this little place stole my heart.

We started before daybreak on a Saturday, realised the tube was closed for maintenance took a bus and then two trains to finally catch our bus to Bibury, the first stop on our itinerary. Obviously I slept throughout the ride and missed what must have been a glorious sunrise because the horizon was turning ever so slightly a shade of pink from the impending sunrise when we were boarding. Soon we were getting down at Bibury and nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to witness I saw for the first time what they call ” The old world charm”. It was a quaint and quiet picture which could inspire painters. It looked like it came alive from one of the old fairy tale books. Small grey stone cottages lined the street on one side and on the other side a small stream of clear cold water was rippling away. There was smoke wafting from a few chimneys here and there reminding us of hot breakfasts being prepared inside. The road gently sloped upwards and disappeared into a forest which lined the whole village background. The sky above was a clear blue strewn with a few clouds here and there which is rare in England because it is almost always cloudy. A few grey cottages were covered in deep green ivy winding its way to the roofs. There were wildflowers growing along the stone parapet wall lining the stream and in some of the gardens. These were the only bright colours in the grey-green landscape. As we walked along the rustic village we saw few cottages were actually commercial spaces like B&Bs or Tearooms. One was actually the Post Office! The road went uphill right into the forest. There were hardly any people about and almost no vehicles plying on the road. A flock of ducks appeared out of nowhere looking for food. Little ducklings trailing behind their mother. Their occasional cries breaking the silence of the village. We went insane clicking pictures of everything trying desperately to capture this moment in time and just when we thought it couldn’t be more perfect a couple of swans decided to grace us with a visit.

We took our own time getting lost in this beauty walking around for a couple of hours. Discovering small bridges, trout farms, and farm ice creams! There was not a lot to see but so much to drink in. Sitting there and taking it all in I thought – No wonder this place has been captured and trapped into canvases by so many people. Can’t wait to visit it again! If you are in London don’t miss this place.

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